Reviews Social Media social cricketing platform for cricket fans

[ad#Leader board] I don’t know why I am not able to concentrate on my writings these day’s. Any how with out any cheesy sales or promotion letter I would like to introduce the world’s first social cricketing platform. Worldcup 2011 is here and excitement is building as India has made it’s way to Semi […]

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Online Marketing Enthusiast Family Updates

Few months back I wrote a blog post about the online marketing enthusiast group which is very active, as I told in that post I really became a part of that family. Yes now this community is another family for me in Bangalore. I never thought that we will grow at a rapid pace and […]

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Four elements which build trust and authority in social media

There is lot of hype in the market that social media is ruling the marketing world. In fact people do not understand the power of social media marketing and how they can use it for optimum profits. There are big corporates and small business owners who are using social media to generate more leads and […]

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Managing The Social Presence

It is becoming difficult for me to manage my social profiles, keep updated and replying to the messages. I was a full time online geek some time back and that time it looked so easy and now that I am in a full time job it is becoming difficult. I am getting less time to […]