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101 things to do before I die

101 things to do before I die

Few months back while I was going through the blog of Belinda brasley losing vision gaining insight I stumbled onto a to a link which is mentioned in the blogroll & that is the blog of Jessica who writes on101 things before you die.

I was fascinated with her writings & her craziness, now I perfectly knew there are people in this world who think & act like me, who dream crazily & will do everything in their power to achieve their dreams.

Some people may feel that this is morbid, but life is a journey, not the destination! We are only here but for a short time and I want to live to the fullest. Therefore, I am always looking for a new adventure or something new to try.

Will add the sub categories once I am done with this list & will keep track of each task from now on.

1. Writing a book.
2. Swim with dolphins.
3. Win an Award, Trophy, or Prize
4. Throw a house party when my parents are away.
5. Eat exotic foods & check all weird restaurants.
6. Realize child hood dream.
7. Learning an instrument.
8. Ride the World’s Biggest Roller coaster’s
9. Go Up in a Hot Air Balloon
10. Bungee Jump
11. Sky dive.
12. Experience zero gravity.
13. Getting drunk with my Dad.
14. Acting in a movie.
15. Learning a new language.
16. Visiting every country.
17. betting on horse race.
18. Throw a Dart into a Map and Travel to where it Lands
19. Attend a film premier
20. Scuba dive
21. Read the greatest books ever written.
22. Do a backpack trip of India all alone.
23. Leaving a job I dislike.
24. Driving a car at top speed.
25. Making on a front page of a national news paper.
26. Shout ‘Drinks Are on Me!’ in a Pub or Bar
27. Save some ones life.
28. Sponsor a child basic education.
29. Get a tattoo and/or piercing
30. Flying a hand glider.
31. Acquiring a black belt in karate.
32. Run a marathon.-Completed
Read the following post- What it took to run my first 10k marathon at Auraville
Once i run more marathons will update them here.
33. Learn how to ski.
34. Learn how to dance
35. Designing & building my own private room.
36. Live the life of a farmer.
37. Himalayan base camp trek.
38. Want to finish 50treks
39. Learn how to cook.
40. A backpack trip of the world with my wife.
41. Go white water rafting.
42. Confess
43. Get married unusually.
44. Spending a night in forest & siting some wild animals.
45. Learn how to swim.
46. Smoke at least 11 different kinds of cigars
47. Conquer your fear.
48. Collection of great art work.
49. Study at Stanford University.
50. Speaking at TED Global.
51. Being a story teller.
52. Selling all the junk I own & making a profit.
53. Building one of the largest web properties on the web.
54. tasting & Collecting 101 different kinds of wine bottles.
55. Have Adventurous Sex (in different places)
56. Visiting historic & iconic places.
57. Stay in the best suite of a five star hotel.
58. Gamble & win in a casino.
59. Attending Pub con & SxSW
60. Learn photography & capture an award winning moment.
61. Earning & raising enough money to do everything on this list.
62. Will grant & fulfill a wish of my dad, mum & sis.
63. Do a backpack trip of 1000 kilo meters using cycle.
64. Collect some of the best video games.
65. Having a pointless collection of many small things.
66. Study the Kama Sutra and Put Theory into Practice
67. Traveling with a caravan in a desert.
68. See the All-Time Greatest Films
69. Travel to another country on a ship.
70. Finding my life partner/soul mate.
71. Owning an organic farm or a peace of land.
72. Spending Christmas on a beach.
73. Learn how to paint.
74. Being a part of theater group traveling from place to place.
75. Hosting an amazing event.
76. Donate 10% off my earnings for the social good.
77. Shoot my own short film/documentary.
78. Sell a peace of art that I created.
79. Going to gym for a year.
80. Participating in Iron man Triathlon
81 Go to Disney land US !!
82 Horse riding

This list is not the final one & is not yet finished. Will edit & add until I reach a final 101 things to do list. I appreciate your comments & suggestions, so please share what you think in the comments section.

14 thoughts on “101 things to do before I die

      1. Hey Aparna,
        You also got a amazing list . After reading i realized that i forgot about visiting the Disney land & horse riding. will add them into my list.

  1. Hey you have got such a cool list of things to do… Are you heard of Jr. Piloting? You can actually fly a plane of course under supervision… I tried it and is so much fun. You can also try Kayak, rent a boat or paddle bar where you can roam around the city in your own pub. Al most all the major cities have river flowing across so i think u have these options every where…

  2. Awesome list, it has all the components from ambitious to fun. You just inspired to make my own. I will make my own and put it over my blog too.
    Keep up your zeal and you will check mark your bucket list.

  3. Hey Raghavendra,

    I just read about you and was compelled to visit your space. Congratulations on your latest Hyderabad Marathon completion. You have a versatile list of wishes – in true sense.

    I am currently fulfilling one common wish from the list – dancing and exploring some real great time. All the best for your pending wishes. Hope you find your ultimate list soon. Take care and have a great day – everyday 🙂

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