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Managing The Social Presence

It is becoming difficult for me to manage my social profiles, keep updated and replying to the messages. I was a full time online geek some time back and that time it looked so easy and now that I am in a full time job it is becoming difficult. I am getting less time to do the same activities which I use to perform earlier like tweeting, social networking, replying to messages, participating in forums etc. I thought to myself do I need to do all these activities now………the answer is a big NO.

Late back I was a full time online marketer doing consulting, running websites, ad campaigns etc but I am free from all that and there is no point in doing any of those activities when I have a job which pays every month. But it’s not money, I love the work which I do and I don’t want to leave it, so I setup this blog and started off again doing what I love. But I am finding difficult in performing some of the activities like keeping my self alive on micro blogging like twitter.

I was in search of a solution and thinking how can I keep myself alive on these networks. If you have a solution which will help me to perform these activities in a minimum time with great results do let me know in comments section.

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