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Online Marketing Enthusiast Family Updates

Few months back I wrote a blog post about the online marketing
enthusiast group
which is very active, as I told in that post I really
became a part of that family. Yes now this community is another family
for me in Bangalore. I never thought that we will grow at a rapid pace
and today we got support and mentoring from IIM Bangalore NSRCEL which
is a kind of stepping stone for success of the community.
In last 3 months we are continuously getting new unique registrations
and continuously people are conversing with us on linkedin group or by
E-mails. We are trying to grow the community and bring all the Digital
Marketer’s less than one platform in India.

Since our efforts are showing results we took a special interest and
trying to take this community to next level. We are trying to engage
with our registered users, take their inputs and trying to setup some
standards. We meet every week in order to plan, brain storm ideas and
do the analysis of where we are, what we want to do this month,
identifying the speakers etc. the good sign for me and the community
is getting support from IIM Bangalore NSRCEL which gave an immense
strength to us.

We are being mentored by MR. Surya of NSRCEL and under
his guidance we are taking the community to next level.
This month the event is focused on the subject of Best Practices of
Digital Marketing where Jayashree will share her knowledge with
community. IIM Bangalore is generous to offer their premises for the
event and I request all to register for the event as soon as possible.

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