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Soch.la social cricketing platform for cricket fans

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I don’t know why I am not able to concentrate on my writings these day’s. Any how with out any cheesy sales or promotion letter I would like to introduce Soch.la the world’s first social cricketing platform. Worldcup 2011 is here and excitement is building as India has made it’s way to Semi finals and I don’t think people would like to watch and talk about cricket world cup 2011 with in their group of friends or with in their circle. We all want to share, cheer, chat about our favorite teams and Soch.la makes it very simple where ever you are in this world.

World’s 1st Social Cricket Platform.

Rather than just ‘watching’ cricket, Soch.la offers you to ‘enjoy’ cricket with your friends. We have already experienced the platform in couple of earlier matches in this World Cup with a group of 500 people and it was real fun. Interestingly, the speed at which they are publishing score is ahead of most other online portals.

I invite you to join me in today’s BIG match between IND & SA to experience it yourself. How? It’s simple!

1. Visit http://soch.la
2. Login using Facebook (Press” Allow” if prompted from Facebook)
3. Chose today’s match btw IND & SA (starting 2:30 PM)
4. Connect, Comment, Share, Like, Invite Friends, Poll… and much more!

See you on Soch.la!

I personally loved the platform because it stores my conversations and I can make a whole new group of friends.

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