Disability discrimination & disrespect

Every one in this world might have heard the term disability & we always consider disability to be some kind of physical deformity that which can be identified & in most of the cases which is not a true definition. Being blind & being in the world of disability for more than a decade me always fought for my rights & I still do it daily.

Yes it is true that people with disability are being discriminated at very young age starting at schools & that discrimination passes to the next generation of adults who I see daily on the roads, malls, work place etc. I always thin why people who are so educated cannot understand the opposite term of ability & the answer was lack of awareness. Discrimination can always be dealt, but it disrespects to our education system or the social system where we live failed to educate the millions who pass out of the schools & colleges every year.

From last couple of days I am reading articles of how Indian Airline industry is discriminating &disrespecting people with disabilities▪

Is the airline industry so uneducated? I hope people who work for these corporations are highly educated and are briefed how to behave with their customer’s, yet we found these incidences happening again & again which shows that they are not briefed on how to behave, respond or take care of differently able people.

Few weeks back when I was traveling with Indigo they asked me if I am partially blind or fully blind, I hope people understood when you walk with a white cane one must need assistance in new places & that is the whole reason for me asking help. I did not much think or ask why they want to know about my being fully or partially blind, but it seems that depending on my answer they might make some kind of judgment.

Indigo, spice jet & Jet Airways must understand that when a person with disability is traveling alone he or she got courage enough to take that action & have all faith in the service provider. But they proved wrong not just to the victim but for the whole community, today’s businesses must understand every one who avails their services or buy their products also have people with different abilities using them by end of the day & design some kind of policies to address their needs.

I wish all the folks who understand about different able people support us to run a campaign against this Airline services & see to that a policy is drafted to address the needs of the community. Better interaction happens only when there is a better integration.

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