As i Wait for the Traffic to Pass

I stood on the road waiting for traffic to clear a little and I was there for more than 5mins…some one touch my hand and asked, do you want to cross the road in Hindi. I said yes and she helped me to cross the road…with all the hundreds & thousands swarming around me no one took notice of me, my anxiety or fear…some times help comes along without asking and this incident reminds me that there are sensible and good hearted people around us.

As she left me on the other side she asked hope this helps and you can carry on from here. She said I need to go the other way, after taking few steps I wondered who is she a servant, a beggar, student, home maker etc etc.. I haven’t smelled any perfume, the touch was very gentle, the voice is very soft and squeaky…for a moment my intuition told me only one thing she was a kind hearted lady. It doesn’t matter who she is or where she came from…she was there just to help me and get me out of my fear.

4 thoughts on “As i Wait for the Traffic to Pass

  1. It’s these little things that happen to us that restores our faith in humanity.

    Isn’t that why we live our lives the way we do? A little hope helps us go a long way.

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