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Non-Profit Marketing in India

Non-Profit Marketing is one of those wrongly understood concepts in the online marketing space. Generally, more often than not,we tend to neglect people working for non-profit organizations and regard them without respect or dignity. This might be due to the misconception that non profits are money making machines and are formed to gain donations and… Read more Non-Profit Marketing in India

Online marketing enthusiast Bangalore #omebang

Hi all I thought to give heads up of what is “OMEBANg” an event conducted every month in Bangalore by Suresh and Shiv. Omebang refers to online marketing enthusiast Bangalore and this is one of the unique metes which take place in Bangalore every month on a 4th Saturday. It was started exactly 4 months… Read more Online marketing enthusiast Bangalore #omebang

My observations On Recent Google Changes

Few months back google announced that they are going to update their search algorithms and I think they named it as kaffeine update. People are worried of their rankings, but google announced this particular update is to make indexing more faster. Later they introduced live searche results by partnering with twitter and showing the tweets… Read more My observations On Recent Google Changes