Eyeway.org interviews me and I go on air

So my first radio interview went on air and I said chichichi to my self…..it’s not me, my voice, not my crazy personality etc….but on radio people can’t see and I think that’s ok… I always get a weird feeling when I listen to my own voice either on audio or video and I feel shy for some reason, but if I don’t share it here who will?

Few months back Nikita from eyeway.org contacted me and asked if I can share my experience on their radio show “Eyeway Yeh Hai Roshni Ka Karawan” and the result is this interview…Nikita found my video interview with chai with lakshmi on youtube and contacted Lakshmi Rebecca, Lakshmi connected me with Nikita and thus connection is formed.

Eyeway.org is a project of the Score Foundation which is registered as a Trust, and is based out of New Delhi. These people some great work and please do check out their website www.eyeway.org

PS…This show broadcasted on March 3rd on Vividh Bharti

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