A moment of euphoria

with all the rain outside it is terribly cold in the house and with my little fever, throat infection I am feeling more gloomy…morning when my dad and Asha gave a call I sounded terrible due to weakness and then I pulled some strength from some where and got my self ready. I logged in for the work, fetched some light lunch and trying to make my day a cheerful one.
The rain doesn’t seem to stop and I felt like drinking a cup of coffee, the challenging part will be going to the coffee shop which is half a kilometer away. I decided to make coffee at home and I ventured out into the rain covering my head with a cap and wearing a jacket, I was able to get some milk and coffee powder in a near by store which is 200mters away from my house and I came home quickly as downpour of rain is becoming much heavier minute by minute. While I was returning home I lost my way and someone on the road helped me out.

Challenging part will be to make the coffee, I lost touch with cooking and I never tried in last 6months. After losing vision in my right eye I can’t use the benefit of little eye sight which helped me more than once, so I got to the work with the art of touch. I was able to identify the vessel I require, found the match box AND got started…Every thing fell into the place perfectly until I found problem placing the vessel exactly on the fire and I used a spoon to find the positioning of the vessel and rectified. Through the help of sound I was able to know that milk has reached its boiling point and I put enough into a glass to prepare my coffee. I added coffee powder and honey as there is no sugar in house.

Finally coffee is ready and when I tasted it I felt a moment of joy and euphoria running in my blood. I know this is a small task but to do all this process I took nearly 30minutes and each minute I have to give my full attention at each level of preparation. as write this post taste of coffee still lingers in my mouth….

One thought on “A moment of euphoria

  1. I am so glad Raghavendra that u r funding ur inner strength and ur impairment is not an hindrance as much as u would thought earlier!
    Isn’t it better to have coffee after 30 mnts of hard work than sitting and dreaming about it 🙂 all the best

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