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Vision Update the blinded right eye

Some times life is a bitchy thing, when you don’t want something not to happen or when you least expect, out of the blue it hits hard on your face. From last few day’s the only thing on my mind is How to deal with this now…I got big plans and started working on my ideas and now this puts a halt to my wheels, my energy, my enthusiasm, my fire and everything that I am made off…My right eye got blinded few weeks back , I did not expect this to happen so quickly or at this moment of life….it may sound silly but the truth of knowing that I might be completely blind one day did not help to face the situation…Think accepting is a journey it self and I once again failed to accept or see the reality.

I quickly know what needs to be done; I left Bangalore and went to stay with my parents thinking it might help. Meeting friends and being with family helped to a certain extent but the frustration and loneliness in my mind pushed me to the edge that resulted in a angry out burst on my Mum, dad and sis…but what ever happened it helped me to deal with this sudden loss of my eye sight to a extent and move forward. In 2011 when I lost my eye sight to an extent I stayed back in Bangalore and that drove me into depression, but now staying in Hyderabad helped me to an extent. My life has become much tougher than what it was before and I do my daily routine by taking little more time than usual. I don’t know how to deal with this change because now I need to reengineer and relearn each aspect of my life again and sure it is going to take some time.

What I missed in Hyderabad was my running friends, colleagues and friends in Bangalore…every day I received at least a email, message on FB or a ping asking when I will come back and how are you doing…I thank each one of you for your love and care for me…I thank my mum, dad and sis who said constantly again and again that they are there for me….am sure with out their support I might not exist and a big warm love goes to Santhosh runner’s high, Dilshad, Anupama Harish, Asha Ashok, Chandra, Rashmy, Subhashini and all my running friends…Zareen and Aparna I always love your company and support you provide.

Life got me started on a new journey and I got new challenges to face. I wish to receive the same kind of support from each one of you to win over this world and realize my dreams.

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