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The two different personalities

Last week I went for a bloggers meet. Actually I thought to use public transport and thought to catch a bus; ok……….I went to bus stop and stood there for a while. I asked some one who is near to me one and told him to inform me when the bus arrives. After some time some college students came to the bus stop and they are in their teens. I thought to my self, there were days when I was of their age and waiting for the bus looking at all pretty girls in the bus stop. After waiting there for a while a bus came and some of the boys wanted to catch it when the bus is on its speed, so they ran and caught.

Suddenly my adventurous personality took birth and said to me Satish why don’t you try it now again. My other personality said it was years ago you tried to catch a bus in running, so don’t try. It’s dangerous…….I thought to my self for a while I wanted to do it again badly, but do I have that strength and do I have that same spirit to take risk. Risk of life, when I had done it during my teens there is always 90% of success and 10% of failure. Failure means death or joining hospital in a bad condition, but that risk was thrilling and I have done it hundreds of times. Today also it fascinates me and I want to relive it.

But there is a difference between that Satish and this one. I was in teens and I was able to see pretty well, my vision was not a barrier to do anything during mornings but now while the years passed my vision came down considerably, this is some thing which I have to think off. But your subconscious brain does not allow you to think coolly, if you want to do anything unusual. Then while I was thinking the bus came and left, so I have to catch an auto and go on.

One thing I learned if I take the same risk now there are 50 50 chances of survival. I gave a justification to my self that I was a WINDOWS XP model during my teens and now I am a WINDOWS7 model. XP doesn’t need many resources, but Windows7 need extra RAM in my case which is a good vision to do that adventure again.

Ps…Raghava “what all things can be done virtually cannot be seen visually” Satish

By Raghavendra Satish Peri

Raghava is a digital accessibility evangelist working at Deque Systems as Senior Accessibility Consultant breaking web accessibility & mobile accessibility challenges.

He authors an Accessibility Blog & is galvanising the adoption of accessibility by inspiring the local tech community with meetups and mentorship. When away from his computer, Raghava can be found at local cafes & restaurants sampling cuisines, attending local meetups, listening to audio books or writing on his Personal Blog.

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