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I came back home and opened my mail box, the first thing I saw is my sister’s mail with a subject line “Honey here are the videos”. I thought to my self how I can not attend my sister’s mail first. So I opened and found couple of links which are from youtube and ted. The first link was from youtube so I clicked and waited for the page to load. After the video started playing I was blown up as I saw some thing amazing, Richard who is legally blind participating in a marathon. More than that a wheel chaired son along with his father participating. This video is a must seen one by any one who asks the meaning of life.

Few days back my sister has sent this video a she say’s this is really inspiring, I took some time and did not open the link until this Saturday. When I was at enable India on Saturday Dipesh sir asked me if I am participating in the sun feast Bangalore marathon 10k run. I said I will see. He said if I can run a campaign on the internet to get some people run for a cause on behalf of enable India. This is some thing I would love to do and I started off by spreading the word around by posting about it on my blog, twittering, word of mouth, email campaign, mobile messaging etc.

There is a good response and I am sure that I would succeed in my efforts. Even I am running at the event and I am doing this to spread awareness about disability and to say that we are not different from others. We have confidence, will power; ability etc there is no one who can stop us. More awareness creates more jobs and more people will live their lives independently.

As Richard say’s in the video, it’s more than a race it’s a memory we have for the rest of our life. In the video Rick states that he is living a full filling life and I am sure when you run for Enable India because you are making the life of another person. So come on spread the awareness and help the differently able more independent.

You can go here and donate some thing for Enable India and read Enable India’s Blog here.

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