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Penetrating the Dark

Can’t see, can Hack is the title of the article that got published on Bangalore mirror…I was at the Yahoo Open Hack India on Saturday 11th Aug and was just wondering what application to hack when a friend walked to me and said that a guy from Bangalore mirror would like to speak to me. It was a great conversation with Kalyan Subramani and the article just came out very well.

When the article hit in print on Sunday I got calls from friends, colleagues and when my friend Dhempe posted on to facebook there was a huge flood of friend requests to connect with me and likes for the article. All this is good, the glory and wonderful comments, but one thing which made me happy is I got couple of calls from different people that their son/daughter is visually challenged and reading the article gave them hope that they will be part of the society one day. They wanted to understand how I designed my life, what did I study and how I am trying to move in my career etc.

These are some of the major problems which we need to fight in the world of disability, but one finds a way around by moving a head and is sure help comes along. It took a lot of hard work,, determination, support from family and friends, luck etc to reach where ever I am today and all this took time, a lot of energy and most of the important thing is patience. With a little help anyone can do wonders but the most important thing is finding that help and support.

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