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How does it feel to be blind

Last 10yrs of my journey into the world of visual impairment I was asked the same question by different friends and people whom I met along the way “How does it feel to be blind” every time my answer would be you must ask a Blind person, not me.

I never considered my self being blind and still today I forget that I cannot see properly. Since I spent most of my teenage with a lot of low vision, no one even knew that I got visual impairment and I managed it for a while. Along with the time my vision started deteriorating and after I wrote the post “Can’t you see? Are you blind?” I started thinking “How does it feel to be blind” and came up with only this

Close your eyes for couple of minutes, and what if I say this is it, this is how the world will look for you from now on?

Do this and put your thoughts in the comments section…Would like to hear “How did you all felt being temporarily blind”

4 thoughts on “How does it feel to be blind

  1. Well I too asked the question, so many of my friends who was visually challenged, but every time they gave me a smile in reply. After taking two minutes, I felt that I am in a world with a single colour Black. And I am not afraid maybe because I know that it is only for minutes.

    Hoping to hear your thoughts
    sanjay kumar

    1. Hi Sanjay,
      yes for few minutes we don’t fear that darkness, but have you tried doing any of your daily routine using the same method. You will get the answer once you tried it and do share your thoughts.

      This is a experiential learning and can be experimented as there is nothing to lose.

  2. I felt scared. Scared thinking that the very next moment I wont even be able to walk to my kitchen and keep the glass I’m holding. The thought of being dependent on some one else forever scared me and the many other things.
    But, I also fell, rather I should say, I’ve experience, that when God closes one door, opens another one. Though it might take some time to figure out ‘that’ door..but its always there.
    What do you say?

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