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Physical & Mental Fitness Are Important To Live Long

I got this forward from a friend addressing to me specially, he says this is for people like you who screw with sleep. After reading this I understood that lack off sleep will reduce the life span. Shanti also say’s the same and apart from this lack of proper sleep will reduce the brain power. […]

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Mount Everest……..Do I Have That Strength……

The other day I was going through the blog of Enidhi and saw him blogging about Santhosh who is going to climb the Mount Everest. In fact Enidhi put the video recording which he has done with Santhosh. After watching the video I remembered saying to my sis that I want climb the Mount Everest […]

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Mental Stress And Doubts Will Not Allow Anyone To Sleep

I thought to write some thing which I experienced last night, which is unusual and terrifying. Last night I returned from office at 11:30 pm and was relaxing by looking at my computer screen with an empty word document opened. I am in the process of writing a concept note of how people with disabilities […]