what is happening currently with me and my blog

Hello folks I have not been around here and not posting any thing for a couple of weeks and I knew that I am not running any activity on my blog, but cannot help it out. Actually I am working towards couple of big launches and one of it is “BASE two” which is going to be a very important launch in my life. I decided to start pod casting and put a weekly pod cast and give my readers some thing called heads up of the week which will be jam packed with content.

Let me tell my blog stats openly here,
Visits: 70
Page views: 112

Couple of weeks this was some where around 500 and 1000 on an average. This shows that how many visitors I lost when I was away and how did it affect my blog. More than visitors I bother about the trust and relationship factor which is a key metric of blogging. I am sorry if I disappoint any of my readers, but I cannot help out as there was couple of health issues which kept me away for a while.

I am trying to integrate my face book page and couple of other social functions on my blog so that people can keep a track of my activity and consume the content in which ever format they require.

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