Time to change

Change is always scary because we always don’t know how to deal with change and yet it comes into our life without any intimation or invitation. I think I finally has to change the way I live my life which I always thought is the most interesting part because I love all the challenges which my visual impairment throws at me and I like fighting with them. But I am tired playing the game where I made the task tough when it can be done easily by just applying some simple methods. I need to change a lot of my habits to make my life easier and need to ease little with my weird ideas of experimenting with life.

I decided to be more organized when it comes to designing my house & belongings. I never thought I will do this, but I think the best way to have an easy life now is to keep everything organized. I never kept my clothes, papers, gadgets & any of my belongings in my house organized. I know where I kept them and I always thought I can find them easily, but recently I kept my HP speaker set somewhere and forgot where I kept it. After searching for 2day’s also I am still unable to find it and finally I realized that I need to be more organized. I need to keep my belongings at one place and must be able to find them with out any trouble when ever I want.

My father always told that I have to be more organized and I always thought to my self, there iss no fun in that if everything is organized/ready there is no challenge and with my visual impairment I find it interesting to search my belongings because I keep stumbling onto things which I thought I will never find them or lost them. I think the fun time is up for a while now, I wanted to be more organized and I am going to start practicing this by taking some baby steps. This weekend I am going to clean my house and keep the belongings in their respective places, so that it will be easy for me to access and also for others. I know that I need to make this shift and see what I can learn from this small change in life.

Ps…I am sure that each one of you might have made some small changes in your life which might have impacted either in a small or big way…Do share those with me here in comments section.

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