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Few weeks back my friend @anupamash emailed and told me about the latest project she is working on. Anupama is a dear friend and run’s Pick a Fight- www.pickafight.in which is a platform that helps people connect and fight for a common cause that can help achieve greater good. We met during yahoo hack day and I got in touch with Anupama and Sumit so as to be part of pick a fight and some how things did not workout because I became busy in other activities and fights of my own.


Anupama’s new project is a very interesting one as she is trying to crowd source stories of train journey’s and get them published into a book. Here is the original email sent by Anu to me,


If you have ever traveled in the Indian trains and have a story you can’t forget, we’d love to read it! We are compiling a series of short stories that are emotionally engaging, inspiring, and unique. We plan to publish the stories in a commemorative book in 2013.


To submit your stories and know more please visit: http://Railonama.com

Please forward to those who would like to share and publish their unforgettable travel stories as well.



P.S: Those, whose stories get published, will get a printed copy of the book. The book will be published in both US and India and the proceeds from the royalties will go back to India to the victims of train accidents and such.





Just by sharing a real experience of our train journey we can touch at least one life and all it takes to do this is to write your experience and share it on Railonama. You can directly get in touch with Anupama at






Please share about this initiative and encourage people to share their train journey experiences on railonama and now for me share this on your social properties. I personally have seen Anu and Sumit building pick a fight and work done by them; I have complete faith in them.

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