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Hi all I thought to give heads up of what is “OMEBANg” an event conducted every month in Bangalore by Suresh and Shiv. Omebang refers to online marketing enthusiast Bangalore and this is one of the unique metes which take place in Bangalore every month on a 4th Saturday. It was started exactly 4 months back and I have been to the 3rd meet up and became a part of the family immediately. It was an amazing place to be and people from different backgrounds come to this meet up to learn, share, express etc their views on online marketing. As the tends show that digital media marketing is one of the most fastest growing industries and there have been a considerable growth in areas of blogging, social media, content sharing etc.

Online marketing is the future of marketing for any kind of products and I see that there is lot of miss conceptions too. Omebang is a platform to know more about digital marketing and how it can help your business, brand, sales, customer service etc. you might be a newbie or a experienced marketer , I welcome you to attend the meet and share your knowledge, make partnerships, get free consultation etc.

When I was there last month I met lot of experienced and newbie online marketers who are sharing tons of info which improved my knowledge on online marketing. Last month the theme was pay per click in short form know as PPC which I really don’t understand/ignore as my experts is in the area of organic traffic rankings. But I learned a lot from the presentation like how to use Google trends more effectively and how to use spyfu keyword tool. A small bit of information is valuable in this competitive world so I request people to register for the #omebang which will help to connect with like minded people and will grow your business.

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