OME Bangalore evolved into OME Community

First “online marketing enthusiast” was named after OME Bangalore. But when organizer’s started to roll out the events and sharing the knowledge of online marketing the community started growing. Lot of people wanted to join from other cities and personally requested us to conduct such events in their cities too. Soon after couple of events we strongly felt that we need to evolve as people are serious of Online Marketing and wanted to join the community.

Suresh who is the key planner and the front end of the community brain stormed with a lot of names and finally came up with OME Community. We are trying to put all our expertise and make OME Community a better place than what it is today. We got support from IIM Bangalore who is giving the venue to host the event and we are trying to make “OME” the one source destination for the Indian Online Marketing Industry.

The event is a community driven conference where people come and share their expertise. We rolled out something called power tips where the members will share some simple and powerful tips which will help the members a lot and easy to implement. The best power tip will be awarded with a gift and soon we realized that people who are very new to online marketing need some fuel to get started in this industry. So we are starting off with power challenge which is to educate newbie’s in basics of online marketing.

Till date OME Community has helped more than 300 members who are from diverse backgrounds like entrepreneurs, financial analysts, ppc managers, social media enthusiasts etc and we are hoping to evolve more in this space with all the support from members, volunteers, sponsors etc.

P.S.. Get the minutes of meeting along with pictures and videos of the OME Community meet here..

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