Old enables the new

After I lost a lot of my eye sight during last year November & December I went into a kind of depression & came out of it…God knows how all that happened but there is my family & friends who supported me through those tough times. There was a moment when I decided to stay back at Hyderabad & quit my job if required, but my dad supported & guided me in the right path. I returned to Bangalore but I am a different person all together & after I came back I adopted to a new life style.

I stopped going for a run or a morning walk

Slept more than 8-9 hours on an average.

Stopped giving importance to projects that I dreamed & started.

Little cared about what is happening in outside world.

Kept away from tech & marketing space.

All together I had a wonderful time for my self to be lazy & do nothing, but I think every one has to go through some kind of transformation to change things around them. If I turn back & see I think cutting down a lot of things has really enabled me to focus on what I want & how am I going to achieve it. There is more clarity than before & I knew the path to move forward.

What I learned from this experience is

Don’t force anything in life.

Observe you’re self & keep a thorough notes.

There is no necessary for you to enforce change because it happens with out your knowledge

Welcome that change & don’t be afraid of change.

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One thought on “Old enables the new

  1. its really so heartening to see that quite early in your life you can understand one of the biggest lesson of life about understanding the CHANGE!
    change-its the most inevitable thing!you can accept it,learn from it and move on!
    or resist and spent all your energy stuck in a place!
    all this coming from you has an impact as you are the best example of successful adaptation of change and overcoming the upheavals of life!
    keep it up raghava!

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