My first podcast will be up

Hi folks after a great week end I am back here to share my insides of what happened during the week end and what is going happen…….As I told in my earlier posts that I am going to start off with podcasting and video casting, I think the time has come that I must kick off and start some where. So I am starting my podcasting and I would like all of my readers to be a part of this.

There are couple of changes going on the blog design too. One of my friend from tqphosting is working on the blog theme and design. I replaced my earlier theme with cool looking light weight theme for now , which helps my readers to read the posts more conveniently than before. I am working towards my logo and integration of social platforms too.

The first podcast is going to be all about me, what I do and how you all can be part of my future podcasting shows. there is a lot of activity which I would like to share……….but in my nexts posts.

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