My First Pod Cast Will Be Up Tonight

Hi all I decided to put my first pod cast during the week end. I decided to record it today night and get it online as soon as possible. First I thought to learn some tech stuff for a great pod casting, but some where I need to start and all that tech stuff is getting me delayed. I am trying to learn audacity which is one of the free open source programs out there for audio recording and editing. With screen reader it is bit tough to manage those tech things, but not impossible to learn. There is couple of scripts for “JAWS” to work well with audacity and make my life easy. But there is a lot of effort and energy which must be put to learn that as I need to sit and read tutorials, test those keystrokes, try some demos and finally use it for my pod casting, so I decided to use a cool little easy way of doing it.

To night I am going to record my first pod cast on my transcend mp3 player and will upload the pod cast to As soon as I finish with all the work I will make sure I put a post here for you all to consume the pod cast. Talk to you all soon and yes keep a watch for my pod cast during the week end.

Any tips or info to share please comment and I will get back to you……

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