Mental Stress And Doubts Will Not Allow Anyone To Sleep

I thought to write some thing which I experienced last night, which is unusual and terrifying. Last night I returned from office at 11:30 pm and was relaxing by looking at my computer screen with an empty word document opened. I am in the process of writing a concept note of how people with disabilities can be employed over the internet. This is my project on which I am working so that more employment opportunities can be generated for the Differently abaled community. Then suddenly door bell rang at 12 and I saw my friend George. His phone display was not working and he wants his backup of phone to be stored on my hard drive. While we were working on taking the backup of the phone, he said that there is no enough water in the tank and motor is also not working. My heart sank, it’s not because there is no water it’s due to motor not working as I was the last person to switch it on that morning and I don’t remember properly if I switched it off or not. Then after doing hard work I remembered that I switched it off and I am not responsible what ever happened after that.

George left the house after 20 minutes and then I started thinking of my project and concept note. There is some thing called subconscious memory which will not allow us to concentrate if we are worried on some thing. With some effort I was finally able to write 2 pages of content and then took off for a good sleep. Sleep is some thing which I have a problem with. If I am worried or thinking of some thing I will screw with my sleep, that doesn’t mean I don’t sleep tight………. I sleep, but my brain says that I haven’t given it enough rest which it requires. Weird dreams and thoughts come; they seem so real and make me uncomfortable to sleep.

Finally morning I found that the motor was unplugged by other tenants. This gave lot of relief and the price I paid for this stupid problem is ……….cannot be valued. I just lost a good night only because of this small problem and this is all due to my subconscious mind, which never sleeps. One must learn how to control that subconscious memory and if they are successful they control their thoughts and can sleep peacefully.

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