Come Along to Create a Desert Safari Experience

When I was able to see the world I use to say to myself, I will see the world as much as I can before I go blind. The truth is I haven’t seen much & whatever I saw is edged into my brain…I replay those moments & say to myself I need to experience the world now. I have done bit of traveling & got a feel for it. It is a tough thing because I see the world from other’s eyes & all the experiences are dependent on the descriptions they give to me… some of them are good & some of them are not so good, they are never bad because I always get some kind of information. I look for details & a creative way of imagining my surroundings.

This time I want to do something different, I want to go on a desert safari in Rajasthan & would like to take along few travel bloggers, friends, tweeps who show interest etc. no strings attached, if you can pay for yourself, have little patience to guide someone with visual impairment, explain things & create experience then you are our partner. It is always good to see the world with more than one set of eyes & trust me you will see the world all together in a different shades of color..

I am planning & would love any support, suggestions & ideas to make this trip a successful one.



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