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I am a web marketing strategist, social media strategist so i would like to share my knowledge here. social cricketing platform for cricket fans

[ad#Leader board] I don’t know why I am not able to concentrate on my writings these day’s. Any how with out any cheesy sales or promotion letter I would like to introduce the world’s first social cricketing platform. Worldcup 2011 is here and excitement is building as India has made it’s way to Semi… Read more social cricketing platform for cricket fans

Non-Profit Marketing in India

Non-Profit Marketing is one of those wrongly understood concepts in the online marketing space. Generally, more often than not,we tend to neglect people working for non-profit organizations and regard them without respect or dignity. This might be due to the misconception that non profits are money making machines and are formed to gain donations and… Read more Non-Profit Marketing in India

OME Bangalore evolved into OME Community

First “online marketing enthusiast” was named after OME Bangalore. But when organizer’s started to roll out the events and sharing the knowledge of online marketing the community started growing. Lot of people wanted to join from other cities and personally requested us to conduct such events in their cities too. Soon after couple of events… Read more OME Bangalore evolved into OME Community