An event a meeting & a Email

An event a meeting & an Email

I know that this is a post after a very long time but can’t help, I am literally busy working randomly on various things with out giving focus to any particular project & still I am loving each moment of it. This post was supposed to materialize here few months ago but for some reason I never posted in spite of writing and keeping the draft on my desktop for a long time.

The awesome thing about Bangalore is it’s events in startup sector & during one of the event held by Head start network, Open coffee club & Bangalore entrepreneur’s club together on a fine Saturday morning at Microsoft campus, I met a lot of amazing people & one of them is this person who wrote this Email to me very next day.

Hey Raghav,

I met you yesterday at ‘Startup Saturday’. It was fun talking to you and listening to your advice. I am truly amazed by your capabilities. I was checking your website and I found some stuff which was hard to believe. Your TEDx talk inspired me. The whole time I was with you yesterday I never realized the things you have achieved. I met a lot of people yesterday but very few made an impact like you did. I hope you all the very best in all your endeavors.

Will stay in touch.


I really did not know what to reply for this email & later I replied with a “Thank You” note. It makes a lot of difference when some one say’s you motivate & inspire us to move forward …

Share your thoughts in the comments section, would love to hear from you folks.



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  1. Great! I’m not surprised you got a mail with a message like that. 🙂 Keep at it, boy. God bless.


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