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Why I live alone in Bangalore

I keep meeting a lot of people in Bangalore and most of them don’t believe when I say them I am a blind person. First they get shocked and later they ask me all sorts of questions which even cheer me up as some one is trying to understand our lives from a closer point. This is the first step of awareness and I try to tell them as much as I can about how I manage my life and how I make use of my partial vision to the fullest and I tell them about my other buddies who are differently able and live a challenging life.

Some appreciate my way of living and some ask what is the necessary for living alone and facing so many challenges, some advice me to go back and find a job in Hyderabad so that my life will be more easy when I stay with my parents. Some don’t understand there are many reasons for me to choose this life style and thought to put couple of them here,

1. Independence- When I earn , I feel that I have the right to spend that money on what ever I chooseand this gives me a good feeling that I am not dependent on any one for my personal needs and comforts.
2. i have a special kind of freedom here in Bangalore which I will not have if live with my parents. I some times come back to my house during mid night orr some times I spend my weekends with friends or in some other places, till date I never even thought of doing these when I was with my parents in Hyderabad because in the first instance coming back home during mid night is not acceptable and that too along with couple of friends no way.
3. when I first started to live alone here in Bangalore it taught a lot of things about the reality of life. There is no one to hold your hand and teach I have to learn, implement if failed try another method of getting things done.
4. I learn how to cook, cleaning the house, washing clothes, traveling long distances, booking tickets , paying bills etc which I might not have even dreamt of doing if I am in Hyderabad. Because I got people to do it for me and my parents take care of all my needs.
5. i live a very unorganized life and because of my disability I face more challenges due to this. I need to run around my house to find my belongings like house keys, watch, spectacles, wallet etc. I like that feeling of trying to find where I kept all those things and keeping some extra burden on my brain to remember. Most of the time I succeed and I fail to fetch one or the other item. But eventually I will find them.

These are just couple of reasons and I really appreciate what I am trying to do for my self and how many helping hands I get while I trying to lay a path for my self I like inthis world where I live and I am thankful to GOD for giving me strength to do all that what I wanted to do.

25 thoughts on “Why I live alone in Bangalore

  1. Hi Raghava,

    I really liked this post. I love your willingness to be independent. even though its a tougher option. That is why you have my respect. Be strong. You have been an inspiration to many and continue to inspire.

    I now regret not staying at your house the last time. Next time, lets meet up. Our long pending interview is due! 🙂

    1. Hey Kiruba,
      There is no fun if there arre no challenges and i love them because i come across a new solution when ever i am challenged even with the same problem again and again. Yes we must catchup soon and finish that podcast which is now pending for a while. You are always welcome to my house any time.

  2. enjoyed reading your blogpost…not for the reasons you living alone…but the last line mentioned by you…..way to go…..

    1. Hey Priyanka,

      Thanks for the read and yes our meeting is due..Let’s catchup for the coming Samsung Indiblogger meet if you are coming over or else let’s fix a meeting soon.

  3. Hi Raghav,I luved to read Ur article.It is nicely written.Luv the people who treat you right. Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!.

    Keep blogging.

  4. Hey Raghav,

    Good stuff, this! I had no idea you had a blog! This makes it easier for me to keep up with you 🙂 Well written and please keep writing.

  5. Dear Raghav,

    Nicely shown your feelings, it could never be understood if not explained. There are many things in life, people says, don’t say any thing, one should understand it without saying, it is not possible everytime.

    Every one should learn things from you…

    Warm regards,

  6. Hi! Raghav,
    I just read your articles. All have been written well. I liked the one about your Auroville Run experience, the best. Congratulations for completing it in record time. Keep writing.

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