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Vision updates the last one

When ever I bump into a friend after a long time he/she asks me how is your eye sight now?….they say they follow me either on my blog or through my facebook updates, technology really keeps people connected I think. When I say I lost my right eye during April they ask what about the other eye?

I can feel the decline of my eye sight even in the left eye, day by day it becomes more blur & I am making a conscious effort to note any considerable amount of losses…may be it remains same or it might become more worse, it doesn’t matter. What ever happens I need to move forward & need to learn to live with it.

It is harder than I thought; taking more time for me to adjust to new life & after 3-4 months I still have so many challenges to fix. They scare me but there lay the strength even to fight.

4 thoughts on “Vision updates the last one

  1. Whatever happens, your friends are there with you and no one can take away from the fact that you are a wonderful person 🙂 – take on the world with a smile..and a good ‘ol run 🙂 – Come and join the group for the runs. We need you so that we can see better!

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