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Mar 15 2020
11th book of the year & the first one to get me bored… felt it was too slow for a thriller…. Actually Nelson DeMille books are interesting but the deserter is not my fav for now… last 10 chapters to go & I hope the story holds up to my expectations.

Getting back to books is like a therapy… I think a lot of you are currently held at your homes… so buy some books & enjoy them…

Good morning friends… have a wonderful Sunday ahead.
Mar 17
Masala dosa & filter coffee for breakfast…. This use to be my regular breakfast during my time in Bangalore & since last few day’s my regular once again…. The only disappointment is that I don’t get the same “Sambar” in Hyderabad… nothing can come close to “Sambar” taste of Bangalore….

Good morning friends! Have a wonderful day a head.
Mar 21

woke up at 5AM today…. finished breakfast, wrote a blogpost, replied to some work mails & finished reading few chapters of harry potter… that’s a productive 3hrs. Time for another round of breakfast & some filter coffee or orange juice… Thinking to write few blogposts & schedule them accordingly.

What are your Saturday plans friends? Good morning.
Mar 28
I generally don’t do this but here is an endorsement too my friend & mentor Bhavana… when I was moving to Hyderabad I got introduced to Bhavana through other blogger friends… we clicked instantly… she was at the finish line of Hyderabad marathon when I was running my first half marathon & she was there all the time to listen to my rants, ideas & moments of joy…
Sometime in 2016 when I said her that I lost the ability to write, she helped me with a small exercise & showed that I can still think creatively & write like always… since then I never looked back… yesterday she was asking about my book & gave some interesting insights about how we perceive stories in our mind… A fresh start & thought process began since then…

She is a NLP coach & a writing coach… if you think you need help or if you are trying to learn something new then just attend some of her sessions or webinars… it’s worth your time & energy…

Good morning friends! Learn something new & create something new each day.
Mar 31
Spoke to sister today & told her that this lock down is taking its toll on me… feel like going out for a nice dinner & want to relax a bit…. She is like if introverts like you & I are feeling like this then imagine how extraverts are going to feel… I just hope things return bit to normal… with all that happening I think things are going to take a long time… the world as I knew & we all knew has changed && will change a lot in day’s to come.

How are you all friends?
The first book I read this year is “lethal agent” in the mitch rap series … in this book a virus like corona breaks out in Yemen as villages that are starving due to civil war are eating bats… somehow ISIS finds out about the virus & kills everyone in the village & takes 2 infected patients with them… then they device a plan to infect some soldiers with the virus & smuggle them to America to start the pandemic.

When I read the book, I was like this is scary. This is perfectly doable &new chapter in the history of warfare… if you get sometime then check the book out guys, it touches on the subject of American politics, ISIS & how intelligence agencies work in crises.

Good morning friends.
Apr 07
While all worlds is busy learning new skills, figuring out ways to stay safe, help people do something meaningful, I am busy watching movies on YouTube & amazon prime… I watched more movies & documentaries in last 2months than in my entire life time… even my phone screen time increased from 30mins a day to 3hrs a day now.. I am spending more time calling friends, doing WhatsApp & checking messages on social media…

How is lock down changing you?

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