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The Bucket-List is dead

The bucket-list is dead…. Am not pursuing it anymore & I will replace with something is more doable & realistic… a lot of things on that list need great health & an able body…. I got none at this moment… it even pains me to just open & read the list! I avoid even opening the blog.

Before I shut down the list I thought I will put one last effort on this one “Hosting an amazing event.”… Am working on something & I will announce it in few days…

1 thought on “The Bucket-List is dead

  1. No , your bucket list can’t be dead. That wasn’t an option !

    I went and counted each and every doable task and you can still pursue 50-60 of those 80 tasks – I omitted all the physically arduous tasks because I can’t do them either due to my health condition. Some of them are already completed – marathon , film – two feet to fly , appearing in newspapers / full pages , getting awards and prizes etc .

    I won’t ask you not to be sad because my heart breaks 100 times some days to realise that I can’t lift something , bend few fingers like I used to , feeling of helplessness creeping in when I feel that I lost a part of myself which I won’t have ever again . It’s ok to be sad , feel sorry for yourself but we got to move on – I have seen so many people wallowing in self pity and I don’t ever want to live a life thinking what it would have been if I didn’t get this autoimmune disease . Instead I want to count my blessings and seek things I can do .

    Feel bad , sad but come out of this pain please. You deserve much more.

    We can do a lot of these activities together – Europe is much more accessible and you don’t have to rule out scuba diving or visit museums because you can’t swim or see . I will be your eyes like we always decided and I can’t wait to take you to all those awesome cafes and corners I explored . I won’t lose out hope that we’d get through all this and have a kickass time soon .

    And don’t strike that 101 booze thing – pinning all my hopes on getting super drunk when I am in my 60’s with not a care in the world .
    Grant me this wish .

    So much love and loads of hugs ,
    Yours always ,

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