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Here is What You Can Gift Me For My Birthday

This January 23rd I will turn 32 & one of the things I want to do differently is to know each of my friends better. I want to connect with each one of you personally & strengthen the bond between us. Last few months have been tough in my life, a routine health check-up showed that my kidneys failed & I need to undergo dialysis. It was tough but I am handling it with open mind & being very positive. I am sure that this phase of my life is temporary & I will bounce back with a lot of energy. Currently I am on dialysis 3times a week & looking forward for a kidney transplant in future. So I am restricted only to Hyderabad & cannot travel to another city or country for foreseeable future.

What you can do as friends

I want each one of you to take time & comment on this blog post. Tell me what you think of me, a memory that we share, send love & hugs. I want each one of you to call me if possible on my birthday +91-9908266680 or WhatsApp me. I am sure to respond to each one of you.

I know I need to be strong & fight this out but I am sure that am not alone in this battle. A lot of you were there with me in my past & am counting on all of you now.

Thanks for stopping by & reading. Hoping to connect with each one of you soon.

47 thoughts on “Here is What You Can Gift Me For My Birthday

  1. Raghav life is indeed rollercoaster ride and that’s it meant for! I remember to meet u first in Mumbai and u took to near window to see light on my face. Then went to bandstand for a stroll. It was a unique experience to meet you in person and to know your perspective of life. You are an inspiration to live fullest in life!

    1. Hey Neha,
      My band stand experience with you is some thing i never forget…i really love that church & just walking there….when ever i visit mumbai i go there to get that feel of peace..Let’s plan & meet some time soon. Thanks for stopping by & sharing.

  2. Hey Raghav,

    Definitely, you’re a very strong person, and for sure, all these challenges are temporary.
    Though, not in touch with you regularly, but then I pray that all get’s better very soon, and you can aspire after your dreams with all strength.

    The amount of time we shared discussing either on Digital World or Friendship, I found the amount of confidence and positiveness you possess is tremendous, and having a solution for everything.

    You’re open-minded, and have always respected friendship and friends as an integral part of your life journey.

    I’d not forget the early morning drills on Digital Marketing with the OME team near to your colony park, and the excitement to do something great digitally. Yes, the confidence in your digital marketing speaking activity everytime was great, and remarkable. Your use of technology with the challenges was just great.

    I’d say, it’s your immense positiveness, hope and believe towards life that inspires many, and literally separates you from many of those who just give up.

    I’m sure, you will get better very soon, and jump back strong with dreams to fulfill.

    Advance B’day Wishes Raghav

    Have a Blast. Will see you soon, if I’m around Hyderabad.

    Take Care

    1. Hey Ranjan,
      Thanks for those words…Yes the meets near my house were indeed awesome & it was a wonderful time in my life. I got identity & lot of personal branding due to digital marketing….Those days are the best…We worked hard & partyed hard.

  3. Hi Satish,

    This is Sumeeth. how are you bro. Diring childhood I witnessed lot of stories about you being courage with studies….Hahahaha I know even your laughing. I moved on and you moved on after some years I started listening about you from my friends, posts in social media I was shocked and at the same time very much happy the way you see life and inspire many people around you. I could see a lot of positive vibe in you when we met last time. I am very much proud saying that you are my friend when a random posts about you gets circulated in my other WhatsApp groups and many conveyed wishes to you. On the whole I truly admire you and learnt a lot how to see life with a positive mind. I meant each word, I am saying because you gave this opportunity to post our views in you blog. Happy birthday in advance and wish you luck in coming days. Be brave my friend all our prayers are with you.

    With love and lots of hugs

    1. Thanks sumit…I know that am not good at studies during childhood but then ii never had exposure to right things in life as a child…World taught me a lot of things & my tallents really shined because of family & friends trusting that i will do great things..Thannks for sharing those kind words & it really makes me happy.

  4. Raghava, you are an amazing person. I am blessed to have met you, associated with you. Your positivity gives strength to me and I’m thankful for it. God Bless you with good health . Sending love and hugs to you. Hope I’ll meet you soon and hug you . Thanks to Bhavana for connecting us.
    Stay strong .
    A very Happy Birthday in advance to you.

  5. A lovely memory that we share is us trekking together in the forests of Karnataka and camping in the hills bro. Hope we can do that again soon once you are more fitter and Reyansh can also join us 🙂

    1. Hey Dhempe,
      You were very important person in my life for my success…without you i might have not done all those amazing things. My best memory with is during rock climbing & the kumara parvatha trek. Let’s meet some time soon.

  6. Raghava – you are a miracle in many ways. You challenged the status quo of this world multiple times, ways in many disciplines. I wish you stand tall like Mount Everest against all odds. This World need challengers who test the extremes. You are one such person. What else I can say – Srinivas babayya.

  7. First I want say that, don’t give in to the pressure and don’t give up on hope. We are here for you always and ever.

    You are one of the very few people that I met (especially during first meets) did not judge me for my way of life and my choices, that made me respect you more and because of the same reason I was able to connect with you in a very short span which do not happen that often in my life. I am glad that I am able to share a wonderful bond with you.

  8. Hi Raghav,

    Always fresh in my memory is the very first time I met you at Landmark forum where you shared about yourself and what you achieved ! Left me awestruck ! You are the most strongest and determined person I know . You have a long way to go and I am pretty sure your inner strength will drive you and make all your dreams come true ! Have loveliest of the birthdays !

    1. Hey Kalyani,
      As i always tell you…you are a special person in my life…Thanks for all those gifts you gave me in Bangalore…When you are in India lets meet if possible.

  9. I think of how you see with your inner eye and of how swiftly you respond to those who comment or reach out to you. I love that you love food. Your running which was one of the first things I knew about you.
    I always think of your courage and your talent for cheering up others who are feeling down. And your optimism that we will all come out victorious.
    Tell me what’s not to love about you?
    I know you will beat this latest challenge too. My special birthday wish that you may soon find a matching kidney and have a glorious, healthy life before you. And that you will be traveling again soon. Happy Birthday in advance!
    Lots of love and hugs

  10. Raghav , our association was short and brief, but you touched us in so many ways and left an imprint on our hearts
    Cyrus and I talk ever so often of you and each time we get more and more inspired
    I’ve used your story in so many ways to motivate and encourage others.
    You’ll be well and give me one more remarkable story to tell.

    1. Hey Zahver,
      I remember our running day’s & how we use to laugh & chit cchat all the time…i miss those days…Cyrus is very inspiring guy & thanks for sharing those kind words…Let’s talk some time soon.

  11. Hey Raghav. I remember the first time we met was at a family get together at uppal:). I cannot tell you how much I admire your high spirits, your enthusiasm towards everything and your positive attitude towards life in general amidst all the challenges Life has thrown at you. I look upto you for who you are. Wishing you a very happy 32nd birthday. Hope you have a great day! And I really hope by your next birthday you are totally fit and fine and back on your feet, and for all you know we all could be celebrating it together in London / Hyderabad 🙂

  12. Hey buddy, although I haven’t spent much time with you but the handful times we be met , I realised You are one charming guy with a great sense of humour! No wonder you have so Many Fans (mostly girls I understand;) ) Next time we are in Hyderabad you Owe us a pub or night club visit.
    P.s. the long hair and beard looks good on you. Keep rocking

    1. Hey Raj,
      For sure, i will take you guys out for a party next time…I planned this time but life has other plans for me.And yes i need to work a bit on my following…i see to hear a lot less from ladies lately..Am going to grow my beard again…long hair is bit tough to manage with all headaches.

  13. Wishing you a very happy birthday Raghav. You are a fighter and I am sure you will be fit and fine very soon . Still remember meeting you in k block a very knowledgable guy with very good sense of humour . God Bless you Raghav in abundance!!!

  14. My favourite visual memory of you is the trip we took to Adilabad. And also that moment when you completed Hyderabad Half Marathon.

    My favourite sound memories of you are when you call without fail on my birthday. And the cakes you promised me and the lunches you took me out.

    My favourite feeling memory of you is that I know you get me. That in some way, you believe in me.

    My wishes for this new year is that you are able to realise what you gift others naturally and may that power of gifting others with your thought, care and wisdom increase.

    1. Hey Bhavana,
      We definitely need to take another trip…I have so many memories with you & let’s catch-up soon. I learn something new every time when i am with you.

  15. Dear Raghav

    You are my first blind date and i can never forget when we met for the first time on eat street tankbund..i was just looking into your beautiful eyes and since then have been in love with your soul and undying spirit. When i feel low or negative , i just think of you and it makes me feel so good and positive. I cherish the moments we had spend on beach in chennai ..i wish we could do it again….holding your palms gives me so smuch strength and joy in life…today on this special day sending you lots of kisses. Yes lots of kisses and hugs to you….we will catch up soon till then keep smiling becoz u look very osm in that mollion dollar smile

    1. Hey Bindu,
      I remember our meet at eat street & the time in chennnai….It has been 10yrs since we known each other…Time just flew & let’s catch-up soon…Lots of love & hugs.

  16. Hello Raghava,
    This is the gulab jamun aunty from Adilabad. It was wonderful meeting you. I love the strength and courage you show to life. Your positivity spreads around like a mellifluous music. One cannot help but be affected by it.
    This music will go on unhindered, I’m sure. Sending you healing energy and love.
    You will be fine soon.
    Wishing you many more happy and healthy years ahead. Happy Birthday.
    Hugs and love to you.

    1. Hey Shalini,
      I remember you well & my trip with bhavana to Adilabad. Thanks for that wonderful comment. I am going to spread more love around & kkeep going. Lots of love & hugs to you.

  17. Happy Birthday Raghava!
    I remember the first time we met at INK Live Kochi in 2013. We hung out a lot during the event and had some wonderful and insightful conversations. I was and still am inspired by your strength. I still remember your smile and your laughter!

    The next time I am in Hyderabad, we absolutely have to meet up!

  18. Hey Raghav,

    Wish you loads of happiness, strength, peace, and love this and many more years to come. I have one very strong memory of yours and it’s of WordCamp Pune. It was my first ever WordCamp. I was an Attendee there and then I saw you coming on stage after the announcement made of your name. You shared your WordPress journey and I was so inspired that whenever I feel low in life, I think of your challenges. I didn’t come up to meet you then because one, I’m always very shy to start a conversation and second, I felt so small in front of you. But then we connected on Facebook and had some wonderful conversations.

    You pass such positive vibes and strength to everyone around you and I am so blessed to get it once in life from you. Thank you for being there whenever I am low and defeated. 🙂

    Get well soon, buddy! Keep smiling! 🙂

    1. Hey Vaidehi,
      Thanks for those wonderful words….Am going to stay strong & spread more love around…I know you well online & now it’s tiime to connect offline…Let’s meet sometime soon.

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