Global Sustainability Jam Experience

Ok am not going to give a description of what is global sustainability jam; you can read it here and get a lot of details and can also check their facebook page. I was one of the jammer’s and my team is named 8 Ball, yea yea I know the name seems funny but never mine that. Interesting about these kinds of events is to bring people from diverse backgrounds and make them think, collaborate and take action at one front. I got interesting team members from gaming, design, coding and fashion backgrounds and our collaboration gave a shape to an idea in 48hrs. I enjoyed every bit of discussions, debates and ideas that got generated during the event and yes the food, laughs and connections made are always memorable.

Different teams worked on different ideas and some of them are green lunge movement which is one of the hit campaigns during the jam and some of the ideas are like generating energy in parks while people walk, organic food delivery system from farmer to consumer directly, portal that educate consumers on green buying, awareness on parenting in rural areas etc…very diversified ideas and diversified people, but all share a passion, enthusiasm and a urge to do something for the society. Can say that that 2day’s are well spent in terms of both time and energy.

After a great time at global sustainability jam 2012 then heading to a bar with most of the jammer’s for a drink and then to a Flambé restaurant to enjoy a exotic dinner. With srini and madhulika…ahhh weekend just got over and the hangover of it is still there….It’s tough to get started on a Monday when you got a kick ass weekend and enjoyed a lot and getting back to work will be tough.

Good morning friends, get up from the bed and get out of that Monday morning blues…you have a day to experience in the circus of life…why a participant be when you can be a ring master.

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