Everyday morning

Every day when I wake up from the bed I thank my life and get on to my daily tasks, the first thing is always to get onto my computer and put a facebook status message that can motivate me and my friends to get their day started on high spirits. Every day I think what Ican I put today, something different than yesterday and I don’t want to use the quotes or lines of other’s because I feel my creativity and thought process is limited to control+c and control+v i.e. copy and paste.

I take situations out of my life and make sentences in what ever English I know and then I go online and check spellings, then I put them on facebook. It gives me a great pleasure when I finish doing it that, because this status message conveys that I learned something new today.

Today I put the following status message on facebook

Every inner strength needs a calling and that calling can be heard every where if you are willing to listen. I created a life without limits by listening
To my heart and some wonderful people around me. So make some time to listen to your heart and those who are close to you, true alchemy is created not

good morning friends…have a wonderful day a head.

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