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Differentiating Ability & disability

Different people have different opinions on the term disability; recently I received an interesting comment on one of my blog post by a good friend. I felt to convert this comment into a post because I never thought that the ability of not able to do something can also be considered as disability.

Bhavna Jain Comment from the post why disability should scare you more than Osama bin laden

I think it’s the part of the package that we all are born with some kind of shortcoming. Some people very bad with numbers and some can not express themselves properly…

  • Some are insensitive to others and some are downright unjust and cruel…
  • Some can not paint, draw or even doodle to save their life…
  • And some simply can not cook at all…
  • Some find reducing weight a herculean task…
  • And some just can not eat for the fear of gaining weight…
  • Some can not sing or dance at all. Born with two left feet.

In my perspective all the above “able” people are having some kind of disability.
You cannot see.

  • For me your disability is as grave as all these people’s inability to do something which other people may do with such ease.i think difference is of the
  • Degree and not of the kind! Your disability is more limiting then all the others. It makes life more difficult to cope with then other. But it certainly doesn’t
  • Or should not make it a thing to be scared of for others.
  • You are coping with it; living with it even doing more then required is what makes you ‘UNABLE”.
  • Sometimes people just don’t know how to react to someone with disability. We are not at all trained in anyway to cope with or be a help to someone who is
  • Having certain disability. So make allowance for them raghava!

For me disability means, admission of defeat even without giving the task a try, because every one in this world is gifted with ability which is the greatest gift of life.

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