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Conversation With a Friend

During a conversation with a friend…..I said
“I failed to be an entrepreneur, after 9yrs of trying it I decided to give it up”

Friend: so you failed?
“In a way yes…I failed in many ways & learned lot of things during the journey & those learnings are going to be my take away…a grand price…”
Friend: so it took 9yrs to figure out it doesn’t work?
“yes it took me 9yrs to understand that somethings are not meant for me…but if I need them I need to work hard little more & come back more matured than what I am now…so am putting my energy & efforts in being much better than what I was…so that one day I can come back..”
Friend: so becoming blind changed things around & you think because of it you were not able to succeed?
“I owe my success to my disability…without it I would have been a different person….it made me push & do things that I never dreamt. But the fact is I tried 9yrs to do something with my life in the extra time I got while juggling a job.…Disability changed everything in the so called real world & it’s real tough…with right support & luck I am able to create an identity for myself & I kept my fire alive to fight….. Always there is a new beginning & new challenge to take on…so I will wait some time before I explore world of entrepreneurship once again.

By Raghavendra Satish Peri

Raghava is a digital accessibility evangelist working at Deque Systems as Senior Accessibility Consultant breaking web accessibility & mobile accessibility challenges.

He authors an Accessibility Blog & is galvanising the adoption of accessibility by inspiring the local tech community with meetups and mentorship. When away from his computer, Raghava can be found at local cafes & restaurants sampling cuisines, attending local meetups, listening to audio books or writing on his Personal Blog.

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