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Conversation With A Blogger Friend

Phone a friend
Phone a friend

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I picked my phone & called randomly 10 people…9 of them did not pick the call & finally I was able to reach a blogger friend…we both spoke nearly for a hour about life, dogs, dreams, love, marriage etc etc…freya say’s Raghava you must write more & more…article you shared about disability & romance was so interesting & opened my eyes..


She said I must get a service dog for my self who can be my friend & someone who can be with me all the time…you have someone with you Raghav all the time & they listen to everything you have to say…Freya got 5 dogs & I got 1 so we know the love of a pet……I  told about my study plans, latest job hunts & other things am working on…when I told her about my backpack trip of India she said don’t wait to make money to fulfill your dream, raise it through crowd funding…am sure lot of them will support you & will help you realize your dreams. After finishing the call then it me hard….there are friends like Freya in my life who made me do lot of impossible things & all this was possible because of a blog…


A blog that I started to kill my time & bordem…slowly everything in my life started showing me value that I haven’t seen before. Thanks a lot Freya…

1 thought on “Conversation With A Blogger Friend

  1. Raghav, you deserve a lot lot more… and your friend was right about what she said. Don’t wait for milestones.. they keep coming.. and going.

    9 friends did not pick up your call??? What are you saying??!!

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