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A Feel of Joy and A Feel of Achievement

A feel of joy feel of achievement and pride
After I came back from my run today I slept for few hours and when I woke up I realized there is a kind of stinking smell in the house…I know what’s the source of it and went to kitchen to find that my sink is filled with unwashed dishes. There is a task to be done and I looked at my computer table which is full of dust and all my clothes are on one chair like a huge pile of garbage…for some reason I did not get a nice feeling and decided to get things into order. I started with washing the dishes one by one, drying and placing them carefully in their respective places, then I moved on to the task of dusting the computer table. My maid doesn’t touch this as she is scared that she might miss place any of my papers or move any of my belongings from their place. I need to find the dusting cloth and then started the procedure of cleaning the table carefully by touching each and every part of the table and monitor. Once I was satisfied with this I went back to my room and looked at all the clothes I got there on chair, I started segregating them accordingly and started folding them.

To complete these tasks it took me nearly 4hrs and all this while I was playing music to keep my energy levels high and motivated. It’s a dull work because you need to feel things with your fingers one by one and then act accordingly…it took time but when I am done with it, a strange feeling crept into me, feel of joy,, the feel of achievement and pride…

Now my goal is to improve the timing part, I know it’s going to take some time and practice.

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