Women Is A Mystery Her Self

All my life till date I wonder, how can women is different from any one else. I met lot of women in my life and I haven’t found any one of them similar to each other. But all the men has to excuse me here, men are one and the same in most of the cases they only talk about beautiful girls, sex and other silly stuffs. Women are some who tries to live her life simply in present. They talk more about emotions, feelings, hatred, love and other stuffs. As a boy I never understood any girl who came into my life.

When it comes to extremes I don’t understand my mother and sister too. We are all created by the same supernatural force whom we named GOD but does any one asked their inner soul why not even 1 species of the world is one and the same. There are no answers for some questions and the same way there is no answer for this question “what women want”. What they think, what they speak, what they see, how they react, what fascinates them etc I can go on like this. Everything is like a mystery when it comes to women……WHY?

If any one has got an answer just comment and fill the post, reduce my confusion too.

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