What Mistakes Can Teach Us?

Ahhhhhhhh today the day was pretty gloomy and not so cheerful for me. Lot of things to be understood from a closer point. Lot of things to think and learn from. Met some new people with different personalities and with a different mind set all together. Even your own friends looks as stranger’s sometimes. Even though the day was disturbing me and Raghav learned lot of new things.

It is tough to accept any mistakes committed by us. But today I understood it’s easy to accept any mistake only if we can see it from a different angle all together. Mistakes can be only done by us, we the humans can make the mistakes and we try to give explanations, most of the times which is not correct. Only if we can think for a while and understand it, accept the fact it will bring a tremendous change in the level of thought process.

I would like to explain this with an example- Think there are two good friends Tom & Sue. They are so good friends that each of them understands soul of one another. Tom is concerned of Sue badly only because he thinks that Sue is not so strong enough to face any kind of harassment which takes place in the society.

When ever Tom calls her over his phone he tries to and where she is so that he is sure that she is safe. Sue takes this in a different mode thinking Tom is keeping an eye on her and she feels bad. She doesn’t tell this to Tom and one fine day she tells to someone who is a Mentor of Tom. Things change the other day when Tom goes for a meeting with his Mentor they tell that Sue is feeling she is harassed by Tom and states that Tom is keeping a watch on her, calling her in odd hours and harassing her.

This is something which Tom never expected from Sue. He thought she understands him and after listening Tom is struck with a knife into his heart. Tom’s intentions were good but somewhere the thread of understanding was disturbed. In this situation what will Tom do and what must he do.

I will wait for my readers to comment on this, so that I and Raghav can go forward with our thought process.

PS….This is a real scenario taken from one of my friends life.

Narrated by Saint Warrior-written by Raghavendra Satish

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