3things I learned from the sock effect

In my last post I gave a outline of the problem that I went and the response for the post was really good and few of my friends suggested some solutions, but after all the struggle that I went through to identify the socks I started rediscovering myself and today when I thought to write a new blog post, I thought of putting my learning’s here,

1. Art of Touch- I relied on my low vision for a long time and never learned any skills to make my life easier in this world of disability. I see that a lot of my friends have who lost their eye sight in between has coped up very well and learned each skill by unlearning their previous habits. But I haven’t unlearned most of my habits, by hook or crook I made things work till date and I expected to push off. I need to change this scenario and the first step is to identify clothes with touch. Just by feeling the fabric and threading I am able to figure out the shirts, socks and all my clothes. It needs a bit of practice and a quick mind to understand the simple differences the way they behave.
2. Patience- I am extremely impatient and got a very little short attention, if things frustrate I tend to destroy what ever is troubling me and move off with out looking at it. When I started to find the pair of socks and failed, I threw all the socks nearly 30 of them on the floor and stamped them to get over my anger. But after a while the necessity prompted me to take over the task of identifying and when I started the task, trying to learn the art of touch sweat pored over and all my other senses were disabled to any kind of disturbance. It needed at most concentration and a lot of patience because you need to match the sock to its right pair and there can be any number of permutations and combinations with the given 15 pairs. First time in my life I did something with a lot of patience which paid off my effort and this gives me a reason to be patient for the second time.
3. creativity- most of the time I realize when ever I come across a problem my mind races down and thinks a lot. It doesn’t calm down until I am satisfied consciously that I have done everything in my power to handle the problem. when I was working and trying to learn the art of touch I thought of multiple solutions like,

Why I cannot have all socks with same design and color?
Can QR codes and a smart phone help?
Can we imprint a synthetic Braille tags after I buy the socks?
Why did I put all socks at one place and did not have a backup pair in case of emergency?

If I think hard I can come up with few more questions and might try couple of solutions that are easy to follow. I understood that when ever I am prompted to a new test I am learning a new language to deal with what ever I have to deal with.

Any comments or anything to share…please contact or leave a comment, I will respond.

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