Vision Update and Few Thoughts

Just thought of providing a quick update on my eye sight and what is happening with me at that end. Last year during the same time there was a huge deterioration in my eye sight which drew me into depression during the month of December and January. But things looked promising as of now, there is no huge vision loss but I am not able to see either clearly like before. Life is changing even with slight loss of eye sight because all the rules and tricks I developed to make my life more easier doesn’t apply any more. I thank all my family and friends who supported me in all aspects which in turn gave me a new hope to pursue other things and dreams.

what I miss the most is my morning run, I haven’t been on the track for 9 months and I wanted to give it a try daily and see if I can find a partner or figure out some new tricks to get on to track. But haven’t made any effort in last few months and I have no regrets at that end. I realize I need to prepare my self more mentally before I jump into new challenges and fight the new forces. I realize that my little left out vision is proving more valuable these day’s and my dependence on it is immense and I will never ever take it for granted.

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