The silence was finally broken

I am back with bang for all my readers and this time I came with lots of surprises. Lot of people thought my blog is closed and some thought I was fed up with this so I stopped blogging, but there was nothing of that sort. Last month I was not keeping well for couple of days and lot happened during that time. I started to focus and started to prioritize what I want to do in life. As I was taking rest at my home town Hyderabad I got enough time to spend with my mom, dad and my pet balto. It was great and fun spending time with parents, friends and taking lots of rest which I have never taken in my life. Actually due to over stress and not taking proper care of my health I faced a major issue which taught me a good lesson.

I came to know that my blog is down after my dad told to me after I returned to Bangalore. This is due to some hosting problem which happened due to delay in the payment. In fact I am sharing my server with a friend, so I thought he was taking care of the payment for that month and he forgot to renew the hosting services which resulted in getting my blog down for more than 10 days. I lost lots of new visitors, existing readers and lot of traffic. All this did not matter to me as I was concentrating on future and in the process of designing it.

Time moves so fast that we don’t have the track of it and in the same way I was away from my blog for a long time. I haven’t opened my blogs control panel for more than 3 weeks now. I was away from twitter. There is some kind of frustration and dissatisfaction after I returned to Bangalore. Every one seemed to be very successful and living a great life, more than all this there were some questions which are running in my brain which are making me mad. Finally the day of frustration came to an end and I was born again with more madness, enthu, crazy ideas etc. all this happened because of a friend who just spent some time with me and things changed all of a sudden.

I will talk about him in my next posts and will surely introduce him to you all. The first thing that occurs to me after all my frustration came to an end was “why did this happen in first place” and the answer was looking and laughing at me. I am visually impaired and that doesn’t matter to me any more. But my subconscious mind doesn’t still accept this, when I was ill it all came back to me. All my memories of my child hood which I never want to remember started off when I was ill. All these did not pull me off down, there is one question that started sounding very loudly in my brain “WHY ME”
I think the post became too long to talk every thing here, will write back in next post.

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