The Other In Me

Yes, the light in my eyes dimmed as the years went by…the truth is the darkness that descended on my eyes did not scare me it is the darkness that descended on my mind & soul that caused me more pain & fear. Today I see the world in different shades of light & dark that cannot be expressed to a person & they think I am not emotional…you see the world is very different it can just be felt cannot be seen or spoken. It can be heard, can be touched & can be felt, one needs a deep understanding of their own soul to see the world hidden beyond darkness & yes it is not all pleasant. I see the beauty& ugliness of the same object at the same time & my brain is wired in such a way. I cannot help.

When you hear me next time don’t say I need to change my self just hear me out. I just want people to listen to me for a minute. I come to you because there is this person who craves bit company & comfort, if you cannot listen tell me & I am off in search of another soul…I am my very best friend & I hardly need people around me, I grew use to being lonely & being my own friend. I play the conversations from both end & when you hear me talking to myself that means I am talking to other in me…i am not sick or I am not halusaniting I am just creating a way for my self to live & thrive in this world ..

Until next time the other in me “PRS”



One thought on “The Other In Me

  1. I will be most willing to listen, Raghavendra, if you shout out to me — any time. We all need a bit of company at times, even those of us who are most comfortable in our own company.

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