Steps To Reduce Sttress, Frustration & Anger

From last couple of months there are lot of things which are worrying me and all my motivation levels are low am trying to keep my self occupied and trying to be cheerful and trying to ease out my stress and worry. I know that the magical word motivation is lost in my life and it is just the matter of time that I get back my motivation, confidence and optimism.

I am lost and need the ray of light to show me the path before I move forward and the best way is to first come out of stressand frustration.

going for a morning walk or a run is helping me a lot to blow out my stress because once I move out of my house into the park I can feel the nature and fresh air around me all the trees, flowers, birds, children who are playing reminds me that there is hope and aallways a new day to start again.

I am trying to immerce my self into the world of meditation, so as to reduce my mental stress , anger and trying to be more focused on my goals.

I am spending more time with friends during weekends and trying not to be alone. If I am alone for few hours also I feel lonely, unhappy, frustrated etc. so I am trying to spend more time with friends where I am engaged and all my thoughts are blocked.

Watching movies, talking to friends over phone, going out to restaurants & malls are considered as unproductive in my view, but today they seem to be helping me a lot to overcome my stress levels.

I know that my stress & worry is not allowing me to take conscious decisions wih regard to what ever I want to do, but I want to make some baby steps during these tough times and see to that I don’t loose the fire, confidence & motivation totally.

2 thoughts on “Steps To Reduce Sttress, Frustration & Anger

  1. Raghava even a normal person undergoes frustration and depression I would compare it to a passing phase of clouds, it will vanish from our lives, we have to be patient. Wishing you a happy diwali

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