My Upcoming Series

Even though there is a coauthor for the blog my contribution and decision is final to post anything here. This blog is being co authored by “Saint Warrior” who is a friend of mine. He is an amazing chap and talks,writes and lives with similar thoughts like me. Saint Warrior and I were interacting with people and soon we will be posting our experiences and learning’s from those interactions. All the posts do not reveal any confidential information like name, place, email ids and any other sensitive information.

We will be walking through life experiences of those people and take the incidences and do an analysis with our point of view. We recommend readers to put their views actively so that it will help us to gain more knowledge. This process is being done so as to learn something new and interesting. Examples taken from the real life are more effective so we are taking examples from our life’s and couple of our friends are sharing their experiences so that we can learn more.

I and Saint Warrior thought for a long time and accepted to name this series as “EXPERIENTIAL LEARNINGS FROM LIFE”. Hope this series goes for a long time and we get something interesting all the time. It is not so easy to talk about Life Experiences so we may be wrong sometimes but we are willing to learn if those mistakes are pointed and a correct explanation is given.

Topics we are going to cover range from business and entrepreneurship, health and fitness, friendship and love, personal, life coaching and mind set coaching and others. I talk about all the above topics on this blog and may add more when I feel like adding.

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