My Running Logs for This Season

Every time when I come back from my run I put a status update on facebook and share how my experience was and how I am feeling at that moment ….Decided to collect each experience of my run’s and note here on my blog…So starting from today.

March 13th 2013
Did my speed running today…need to improve my breathing more and
Since I am running with different people this season subhashini and
Srini ran with me today…..lot to learn before I feel comfortable
With different runner’s …am doing a time goal this season and need
To finish the 10km with in 1hr 25 mins…

Observed that I breathe only with my nose and that doesn’t help during long run’s and speed workouts. Need to practice breathing with mouth and get more oxygen into system.

Good morning world…start your day with a lot of energy and finish it
With a lot of learning’s and memories because each day is worth

March 16th
Did my 5k run today…ran with dil shad and gave a lot of trouble to her….she pushed me hard and didn’t listen to my excuses….it’s first time running with her and most of the time I ran by catching her finger and I hope she enjoyed the run….Every one who runs first time need to learn a lot and my comfort levels to run along with them only comes when I do couple of runs and when they speak my language of guiding.

March 17th

Did a 3k run today and ran with Rashmi….she is a very good navigator and since we ran at IIM Bangalore today the trail has got a lot of speed breakers and curves, but Rashmi managed me to cross all the huddles without any problem….most painful part was doing the workouts…..chandra showed some new workouts for strengthening the upper body and they are so difficult am not able to keep up with them…Sindhu who is helping me out with my workouts and might have got frustrated with me because I was continuously cribbing that I can’t do, but she made me do all workouts…..overall a awesome run and a nice experience…

Need to practice core workouts more at home and improve my endurance level.
Need to talk less and stop cribbing.

March 20th

Did my speed workouts today with Anupama….she ran with me for the first time and I think all other runner’s who ran with me gave a lot of tips to her….I hope she enjoyed running with me , like I enjoyed running with her…They say I run fast on these Wednesday workouts, I love sprinting and can’t help running with all my strength and speed….Ran the last stretch with Chandra and Anupama told they are making a T-shirt with a line that say’s Raghava’s Angels….that’s something….I need to figure out how to run with sound when I change my runner’s because as of now I hold their fingers and run….like all things I will be better at this soon.

March 23rd

Ran today with Asha and yes she knew now all tricks of guiding me. Tried running by looking her white T-Shirt and sometimes holding the finger. Did a total of 6 km and since Kanakapura trail is like a hill run, some times my legs got tired but did not go out of breadth…Srini’s advise of breathing with mouth is helping a lot and am improving with each run. I hope Asha enjoyed running with me because when ever she said we will walk or take rest for few seconds I pushed her lot….when we finished our run she said Raghava the killer runner or something of that sort…

March 24th

Ran today with Praveen, met him first time and had a good chat…I knew few runner’s in my buddy group a lot, but Praveen I did not interact earlier. We did 3 km today at Kaban and our core work outs…am doing much better in doing my core strengthening….last week I was horrible and was not able to do one set but today with ease I was able to do all of the workouts…did a nice buddy group breakfast with all the runner’s…got a new pair of shoes and need to get use to them. Spoke about my diet with Srini and he say’s I need to take more proteins….need to figure out a solution for this…

March 26th

Missed my speed workouts due to some car pooling confusion. Santhosh and i are working on this.

March 30th

Did my 7km run today and Dil Shad ran with me….we both enjoyed our run thoroughly and my new shoes are giving me that extra edge to run little faster…tried running with sound today and was successful to a extent , still running either by touching the elbow or by holding fingers. As this is the second run with Dil Shad I am trusting her more in terms of guiding me and today my eye sight was very blur and when I was about to finish the run I saw usual flashes….don’t like it much because they signify loss of little eye sight or a migraine head ache..

March 31st
Ran with Rashmi today and did 4km along with my core workouts…core workouts don’t hurt like before and am able to keep up with them easily. need to practice them more at home…Rashmi and I tried running with a elastic rope, found it little uneasy and kanishka gave a way of trying this method differently… will have to try the new method for next run..

April 3rd

Ok my today’s run was very stressful….we did our usual warm-up, running drills then did some hill running workout and ran total of 4km…Was out of breadth and energy by the time I finished my run…Pallavi ran with me for the first time and she is learning how to guide me….praveen accompanied us along side pallavi and gave a lot of tips to her. I pushed my self and pallavi constantly encouraged me by saying run anna run…lot of flashes that dimmed my eye sight more and felt very dizzy today…think due to cloudy weather.

Need to improve my pace and timing..Was very slow today.

Ran most of the time holding finger’s …Slowly need to shift to sound based running.

April 4th to April 30th
Did not run a bit. My right eye got blinded and i left to Hyderabad to deal with trauma.

May 1st

After almost a break of 25 days I went back to my running yesterday…it was a great feeling a warm welcome from all the co runners and their cheers while I am doing my speed workouts made me feel good and at home. Ran with Anupama and I see that in spite of my eye sight becoming worse it did not have much impact when I hold the fingers and run…Am not sure if I can be same runner if I have to run with sound, need to practice this during coming Saturday. Sprinted last 200 meters with Paroma and my most favorite part of running is sprinting, I feel as if I am flying, free from the world and I feel peaceful…

Did not get tired quickly due to lack of no running for 25 days…was breathing normally and still got strength to run which is a good sign.
May 4th

Did a 8km run with Asha, getting back to running was a great feeling and doing 8k after a break of one month was little tough…even though I am not tired badly my legs did not move easily as I was not able to see my surroundings like before….kind of confidence levels has come down. But Asha guided me amazingly and pushed me when required. the trail was a new one some peacock reserve which is a very beautiful place….hot sun also troubled and my eye sight was very bad during the run…ran holding hands of Asha and some times ran with the help of the sound..

May 5th

Did a 1k of warm up and then a 5k of run…Anupama ran with me and we both enjoyed talking and running…we thought we will not be able to run the full distance but Anu said we will run at a constant pace….by the time we reached the finish line I was not tired much and was able to sprint with Singhu who ran with me the last 500 meters…Anupama will be running the marathon on June 2nd..She is awesome, we both need to practice more and match each other’s pace. The run was in IIM Bangalore, because of the tree cover I did not feel uncomfortable with sun light and I did not have the blur eye sight all the time… did not start running fully with help of sound, still doing the runs by catching fingers.

May 8th

Today went to HSR to do my speed workouts…due to car pool issues trained at HSR with vinay…was tired even before I finished the warm-up and drills…was unable to run freely and with a good speed …vinay kept encouraging me and finally I finished the run. My eye sight bothered me a lot and mentally I was not present while doing the run….I need to be ready for this Saturday’s long run…needs to prepare my self mentally a lot.

Good morning friends…have a wonderful day a head.

May 11th

Did a 6k run today at Decathalon…Ran with Anupama and Rashmi…the trail was bumpy with stones, pot holes and other things…finished it without getting tired, but I felt that I haven’t given my best… for some reason I am not running like before and I feel as if my legs are tired a lot…unable to move them as fast as before…overall today’s run was enjoyable…

Need to stop worrying and concentrate on enjoying the runs a lot as santhosh, kanishka and vinay said…

May 12th

Did my 3k run today at IIM Bangalore…Did my warm up with Hari drills with Aishwarya and run with syrus and Rashmi… love the way syrus was giving descriptions of trash cans, hostels, fence etc…am not sure what runners see when they run but for me it’s constant chatter with my co runner and the enjoyment of my run in silence…as my co runners cannot talk all the time I imagine the trail, people who are running, the water stop etc in my mind..

Due to constant breaks in April my legs are hurting a lot and I am still trying to get use to running.

May 15th
Forgot to arange my car pool and got busy at missed the speed workouts.

May 18th

Did 10k run with Anu, Shiv and Chandra. and did not run on May 19th. Every one thought i will do the TCS marathon, i was in Hyderabad and did not register for the run…Any how it is too crowded so thought to skip it.

May 22nd
Yo.nothing can be awesome than sprinting on a nice morning. I just loved my today’s run…Anu, Asha and Subhashini helped me today and we did our speed workouts called Relay and repeat. It is an amazing feeling when you sprint and lose all the breath. Did not feel tired and my legs did not cry out in pain…10 more day’s for Ananda Yana and I am all excited to do my next official marathon..

Good morning friends. Have an awesome day a head.

May 25th

When you sprint you live in that moment, not today or not yesterday only that moment where you feel peace with your self….Asha Ashok said to me this when we are doing our run today…Did my 5k run today and I am excited about the next weeks marathon. Ran with help of sound and by catching fingers…enjoyed the run a lot.

May 26th

Did my 3k run with Asha…was not at all enthusiastic during the run and core workouts..kind of some sick feeling and as soon as I reached home it hit me with migraine head ache and fever…

16 thoughts on “My Running Logs for This Season

  1. @manaswini
    yo thats true…because each runner and each run is teaching me something new…i was not comfortable running with different runner’s earlier but i enjoy it because i get to study different personalities and each one of them has a different approach, motivation level, etc…so many learning’s…

  2. Raghavendra Satish Peri – Also, you are training to cut down settling time to make the guide runner’s learning curve shorter – effort is also from your end – just a heads up 😉

  3. Ha ha ha Raghava. Enjoyed reading your logs. Btw I said ‘killer kanakpura and killer raghava’ 🙂 But the Saturday run was you making me run rather than me running with you. Really had great fun and enjoyed it a lot.

  4. was fun to run the first 4 kms of your 7k with you guys yesterday. I think raghava, you made us to girls run more than we did:). The energy you have on the run is quite infectious. Dilshad Billimoria as usual is terrific with guiding you across cubbons stretches of ups/downs and digging :).

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