My blog is not accessible

Being a visually impaired and user of a screen reader I always point the websites, blogs and web 2.0 pages which are not accessible to screen reader. From last couple of months after I started my blog I am taking a special interest in the area of accessibility. I am trying to learn and understand the web accessibility and thinking to move to all areas of accessibility, as they are going to play a major role in my career. Being a web marketing consultant it is always to have hands on knowledge on web accessibility and according to me an accessible website make a lot of difference in the areas of SEO and user experience.

Web accessibility refers to making the website comply with the web standard guidelines given by the Some websites follow these guidelines and some doesn’t, late recently Google started ranking websites which load faster. In this scenario site which has flash and whose code is not clean dropped their rankings as they are not complying with web accessible standard guidelines. In India web accessibility is not taken very seriously, but websites who are the big players like yahoo, Google, Amazon etc started to concentrate. On account of this job opportunities opened in the area of web accessibility for visually impaired.

Currently my blog is not fully accessible as there are no heading tags and according to me there are some more areas which must be tested and rectified. I am in the process of getting my site accessible and trying to provide the best user experience for all targeted visitors. I want my visitors to list their concerns with my blog in the comments section, so that I can take necessary steps.

People who would like to talk to me on the subject of accessibility please feel free to comment and I will get back to you all.

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