It is Fear That Makes Me Win

It is the fear that we all want to win over but with my personal experience I can say this for sure it is fear that make us win…so never force yourself to overcome your fear.
Fear is a force that feeds your unconscious mind and make you strong from inside and it is that unconscious mind one day will say come on you can do it. It is that moment we always think twice before getting on to that particular task and once done you say ahhh it is just that, I don’t fear it now.

Often people ask me you live alone are you not feared of anything going wrong? My thoughts go back into past and I look at my present which I constructed for myself. It was always my past which ruled my present because without that past this present was impossible. It was a choice that I have to make either fear the society for ever or draw the strength to face it. Where the strength did come from? The answer is the fear and the nightmares.

For me fear is something which is present in the conscious mind and fires your unconscious mind with thoughts and nightmares. Slowly strength is drawn from the fire by unconscious mind and comes out in form of action where we confidently say I don’t fear it. During these long years of journey I feared everything I did in my personal and professional life, but once I knew I am mastering the art of fear for that particular task, it gave me immense confidence to do anything again and again.

One thought on “It is Fear That Makes Me Win

  1. i agree.. and it takes a lot of courage to do so… Wishing you all the very best!!

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